Gavin's School Pictures.

My name is Gavin Stewart, and this is where you will find some class pictures from my school days.

It would appear that the (now know as "Friends Reunited"), is going to great lengths to stop me linking to these pictures from within their pages. They have even gone as far as banning the word "Stewart" from profiles. Any time a profile with the word "Stewart" is viewed by another member, it is as if the word has just disappeared. How exactly is this useful to a member whos family name is Stewart?

I see that they finally got the bright idea that allowing non-paying members to upload class photos might be helpful. Although I don't see these non-paying member efforts to add value to their site being rewarded.

On the topic of rewards, I dont see much value to the paying members either. Why can't a non-paying member respond to a message sent by a payed member? What good comes from paying for a unidirectional communication service? (Actually I am just playing naive here, I do know where the "good" is, it's just not for the member.)

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My school history:

KindergartenNoble Park Kindergarten, VIC ( 1978 )
Primary SchoolNoble Park Primary School, VIC ( 1979-1984, Grade 6 )
High SchoolHaileybury College, VIC ( 1985-1987, 3rd Form (Year 9) )
Chandler High School, VIC ( 1988-1990, 6th Form (Year 12) )
UniversityMonash University, VIC ( 1991-1994)
CurrentEvery day is a learning experience.

Noble Park Kindergarten:
A long time ago, in a kinder far away ...

Noble Park Kindergarten, 1977.
Back row, 4th from right (including teacher), St. Kilda footy jumper.
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Noble Park Primary School:

Chandler Secondary College (was Chandler High School until 1991):
It appears that Chandler Secondary College (as it is now called), has their own website up, and is asking for past students to register with them. Their website is here: (There is a link to "Past Students", although as at 30th May 2002 it still appears to be under construction.)

Chandler High School, Year 12, 1990.
I am in the top row, 7th from left, white t-shirt.
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Chandler High School, Year 11, 1989.
Middle Row, 4th from left, in red.
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Chandler High School, Year 10, 1988.
Top Row, 4th from right.
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Monash Uni.:
Regretfully I only shot one poorly exposed roll of film myself, for my whole time at Monash. It may have been due to the excessive time spent in the computer labs there. Internet was free back then, and only nerds even new what a web browser was. Most of us thought it would never catch on. Usenet and email, what more could anyone want?

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Currently I own and run an Internet services company called Stewart Technical Consulting. (There is a link at the bottom of the page if you are interested.) It keeps me busy, but not every day is serious :)
I am married, and live in Cheltenham, Victoria.

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