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IP Network Scan
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What the IP Network Scan involves.
The IP Network Scan provided by Stewart Technical Consulting includes port availability tests, a comprehensive vulnerability check, a hands on verification of findings, and manual checks for vulnerabilities through misconfigured software. A more detailed technical description of the process is available on request.

Vulnerabilities the scan evaluates.
Tests include looking for potential buffer overflow problems, dangerous services available to the Internet, shared network drives available to the Internet, remote control back doors such as Back Orifice, and possible abuse through misconfiguration allowing spam email.

Why should you get an IP Network Scan?
There are numerous stories of companies that have been broken into. The large majority of these could have been avoided if the companies had taken out an external IP Network Scan to determine the level of security provided for their network and taken the necessary action.

What an IP Network Scan will cost.
Costing for the IP Network Scan by Stewart Technical Consulting varies. Factors influencing the price are the number of hosts on a network, the layout of a network, the existing security of a network, and the amount of time required by staff to run manual tests on the network. For a quote on a scan of your network or other network security services, please email us at winfo@stewart.com.au.

Which companies are targeted by crackers?
The short answer to this question is vulnerable companies. Crackers that deface web sites run their own broad IP scans to find vulnerable web servers.

Some recently defaced web sites.

For a comprehensive listing of recently defaced sites, visit http://defaced.alldas.org/